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The 3.35 gb program is rated T and requires an Oculus Rift headset and Touch controllers. Spending time with friends and family creates many of our most meaningful memories, wrote Facebooks head of VR , Rachel Franklin, but its impossible to always be physically near the people we care about. Thats where the magic of virtual reality comes in. Related Oculus founder Palmer Luckey leaves Facebook Spaces was first demonstrated publicly in October 2016 by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He showed off how users could conjure virtual objects out of thin air, and how real-world images and live video could be seamlessly integrated inside the VR experience. The final product seems to share many of those core features. The first step is making a custom cartoon avatar of yourself. You can then gather together around an interactive table in a virtual space, using 360-degree videos and images as your backdrop. While inside Spaces, users can even invite friends to participate via Facebook Messenger video calling. Of course, Oculus itself already has its own social app called Oculus Rooms . That program connects with Facebook to populate a friends list, then allows players to socialize in a virtual space and even launch into Oculus compatible multiplayer games together.

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Most applications will be online and theyll be in the bog-standard submit your CV or answer questions format. But if there are different ways you can stand out, why not? I had a client that was dyslexic and couldnt fill out an application so they submitted their interview as a short form film because theyre great with visual and verbal things but when they write things down it doesn’t come out so well. Their film was impactful and stood out for its difference in approach and they landed the job. Phase 3: Nailing the interview Congratulations! Youve put in the hard work and made it to the highly-anticipated yet dreaded interview. Time to turn on the charm and express your genuine enthusiasm. It goes without saying that research is key – not only should you have memorised every detail of the job spec, but you should also know the company inside out and be able to recite your detailed competency examples without hesitation. Your lack of experience means youre starting behind the other candidates so you have to go the extra mile to impress. You need to minimise any distractions. By that I mean avoid pointing to the things that you cant do, says Claire. Once youve got down to the really core skills then you need to think about where you connect to them.

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