An Updated Analysis Of Criteria In Selection Process

selection process

Today, the U.S. livestock industry finds itself essentially protecting its existing arsenal of available antibiotic therapies. Apley believes it is highly unlikely that many, if any, new classes of antibiotics will become available to food animal medicine in the future. In addition to the new VFD regulations, another recent event changed a longstanding use of antibiotics in food-animal production. As of January 1, 2017, veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers will have voluntarily withdrawn all of their medically important antibiotic product labels for growth promotion in livestock in the United States. All told, that represents 26 companies and 283 drug labels. The remaining prevention, control, and therapeutic label claims will require veterinary oversight in the form of a VFD for feed uses and a prescription for water uses., what Apley describes as the antibiotic heyday of the 1970s and 1980s is over. Future realities Still, Apley is adamant that antibiotics are a necessary part of food animal production. To completely lose access to them would be catastrophic, he says., an enhanced culture of responsible antibiotic use and professionalism will be required. For U.S.

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