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You have an impressive background, Im glad to have you on Sure Dividend. Please tell my audience a little about yourself, your career, and your experience creating ETFs and investing in general. This Powerful Chart Made Peter Lynch 29% A Year For 13 Years Thank you. The performance of the DIVCON system is very impressive. How did you come up with this strategy, and what is it designed to do? Across the field of dividend investing, virtually all dividend-based strategies use rear-view mirror results as an indicator of future dividend growth. We wanted to come up with a strategy with a forward-looking focus on future dividend growth rather than using a purely historical look at historical dividend changes. DIVCON forecasts and ranks a companys ability to increase or decrease its future dividends by evaluating each firm based on seven quantitative factors, seeking to deliver a more accurate picture of a companys fiscal health and better predict the probability of an increase or decrease in a companys dividend over the next 12 months. While past performance does not guarantee future results, in back-tested analysis of the DIVCON methodology from 2001 through 2015, companies rated in the highest tier by the DIVCON index system (DIVCON 5) increased their dividend 96.6% of the time. DIVCONs unique methodology offers advisors and investors a systematic way to assess dividend growth probability and use this information to make better informed investment choiceswith the potential to outperform the market or provide stability in a volatile environment.

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Financial Position Dover generated free cash flow of $189 million in the third quarter, compared with $243 million in the prior-year quarter. Cash flow from operations came in at $231.7 million in the reported quarter compared with $282 million in the year-ago quarter. DOVER CORP Price, Consensus and EPS Surprise DOVER CORP Price, Consensus and EPS Surprise | DOVER CORP Quote Outlook For the fourth quarter, Dover expects further improvements in early cycle upstream oil and gas markets, strong performance in Printing & Identification and continued sequential growth in Fluids. However, the Refrigeration & Food Equipment segment will witness a seasonal decline. Overall, these factors will likely result in fourth quarter earnings per share being in line with the third quarter. go to these guysDover upheld its fiscal 2016 guidance as announced in early October. Dover had lowered its full-year 2016 EPS to the range of $3.00$3.05, citing generally weaker capital spending across several industrial end markets, continued weakness in longer cycle oil & gas exposed markets along with persistent headwinds in its retail refrigeration business related to production inefficiencies. This guidance factors in an organic revenue decline in the range of 7-8%. Illinois-based Dover is an industrial conglomerate producing a wide range of specialized industrial products and manufacturing equipment.

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guidance for selection interview

For instance, at a job interview, you want to keep the focus on you and your skills — so it is best to wear jewelry that is professional and understated. How much in reserve funds do they require in case something comes up? There will be times when there are others who might do better than you. Thus, it is imperative to know, and follow, the trends of fashion in order to sell merchandise. We are responsible. The higher the number, the more quality service you should demand and expect. Other jewelry pieces should compliment your figure and should avoid conflicting with the neckline or waistline of the outfit. interview skills for job seekersThe jobs for judges and magistrate are expected to increase in the coming 10 years. Your dress shirts should pair well with your suit.

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