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81271 full Critics often refer to this shunting of ineffective teachers from one building to another as the dance of the lemons. In this dance, plaintiffs presented evidence that schools serving low-income and minority students tend to accumulate a greater share of lemons. Harvard economist Thomas Kane testified at trial that a Latino student in L.A. Unified is 43 percent more likely than a white student to be taught by a grossly ineffective teacher; a black student is 68 percent more likely. Teachers union leaders have disputed the methodology behind the numbers, but L.A. Superior Court Judge Rolf True found it compelling evidence. “Indeed, it shocks the conscience, Treu wrote in his 2014 ruling that the three job protections the plaintiffs targeted were unconstitutional. medical school interview invites 2015But he stayed his decision pending appeal. But inthe Second District Court of Appeal,justices felt the plaintiffs had not connected the dots between the laws they challenged and the harms they identified. If there is harm, the justices concluded, its more likely that “teacher preference, district policies, and collective bargaining agreements are at fault. In a unanimous decision, the court reversed the lower courts ruling. It is clear that the challenged statutes here, by only their text, do not inevitably cause poor and minority students to receive an unequal, deficient education, wrote Presiding Justice Roger Boren . is possible, the justice added, “that the challenged statutes in the way they pertain to teacher tenure and seniority lead to a higher number of grossly ineffective teachers being in the educational system than a hypothetical alternative statutory scheme would.

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