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Clinton is well-known for being cautious when it comes to interacting with members of the media, even those who cover her daily on the campaign trail. 7 year medical program interview questionsShe regularly sits for interviews, mainly with local and national television outlets, but Clinton has yet to hold a formal, open press conference this year. Her last such availability was December 4 in Fort Dodge, Iowa. On stage at the convention, the Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe asked her how she would lead a country where voters have little trust in her. Clinton defended her record, and blamed Republicans for purposefully trying to impact the public’s view of her as a candidate. interview skills rubric“When I started running for the Senate in New York, a lot of the same things were said,” she said. “I won. I worked hard for the people of New York and I was re-elected with 67 percent of the vote, after I’d demonstrated that I would be on their side.” She added later: “Were 67 percent of the people in New York wrong?” A factor in Americans’ lack of trust in Clinton is the fact that, while serving as Secretary of State, Clinton relied on a private e-mail server to correspond with colleagues at the State Department and other agencies. After investigating Clinton’s handling of sensitive information on the server, the FBI’s director, James Comey, recommended no criminal charges against her . Clinton claimed in an interview last weekend with Fox News Sunday that Comey said her “answers were truthful and what [she has] said is consistent with what [she has] told the American people.” Multiple organizations, including the Washington Post Fact Checker and Politifact, found Clinton’s statement to be untrue. On Friday, Clinton conceded that she “may have short circuited” her explanation.

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