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On his first full week on the campaign trail, Pence seemed to seal any lingering questions about his ability to serve as a potent running mate and advocate for the freewheeling Trump carefully clarifying several of his running mate’s sensitive comments, providing humbling endorsements of Trump and serving as a crowd-pleasing opening act or hitting the high notes solo. Copy this code to your website or blog “It’s really remarkable — [Clinton will] take to the stage tonight,” Pence began to tell the more than 600 backers gathered just a short time before Clinton was set to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination in Philadelphia and address the country on national television. But before Pence could continue his remarks, the raucous, packed room began jeering at the mention of Clinton, drowning out Pence as sporadic chants of “Lock her up!” progressively synchronized with others throughout the room. Pence stood behind the podium for more than 20 seconds, not actively trying to pacify the crowd. “The Democrats are about to welcome to the stage and anoint someone who represents everything this nation is tired of,” Pence eventually continued. “Hillary Clinton must never become president.” Pence, introduced to the country by his self-prescribed nickname “Rush Limbaugh on decaf,” has effectively shifted during his speeches this week from a bellowing, confident voice that reverberated throughout the rooms to a more poised, hushed tenor that led to the bubbling crowd quieting to an intense listen. advertisement Each of Pence’s three solo events over the course of 24 hours attracted hundreds. “I recognize I’m kind of a B-list Republican celebrity,” Pence laughed at his Waukesha, Wisconsin rally on Wednesday night. “So, thank you for coming out tonight.

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selection interview

selection interview

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